Customised coasters

Printing of customised models for pubs, restaurants, breweries, etc.

Sous bock rond diamètre 90 mm Impression Recto verso

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The coaster is a communication tool found in pubs, restaurants, breweries, hotels, etc… An excellent advertising tool to promote your establishment or events related to your business for example.

The coaster is practical, ideal for the decoration of your tables.

Often associated with festive events, coasters are useful for memorising information relating to an establishment or a particular event, but they can also become a souvenir, even a collector’s item. However, it is important to bear in mind the small size of the coaster, which is why it is important to take care of the presentation by incorporating a clear and understandable message with a striking visual!

Beyond the aesthetic aspect and the message that it can convey, the coaster does not stain the table, the counter…


Our coasters are printed on 1.2 mm thick absorbent cardboard, which allows the condensation that forms on the glasses to be recovered.

LOOS HVI Humblot has specialised in the production of coasters for over ten years. Whether they are round, square, with special finishes or in any shape you want within the limit of ten centimetres in diameter, we strive to meet any request from 2500 to millions of copies.

With our experience, we guarantee an excellent printing of our coasters with a very good behaviour in time, in the shortest possible time and at a low price.

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